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March 2019


Many moons ago, the wonderful Jenni Jo introduced me to the equally wonderful Dave Matthews Band. It may have taken almost 16 years but they do so…

‘you usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for’…

And boy, was it worth waiting for.

Hamburg was the venue. Bag packed, it was an early morning flight, and a case of planes, trains, and automobiles to get to my hotel, and a final ten-minute walk to the Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt and a glorious, glorious night.


Picking a favourite song from the night is no easy task but I’ll go for:

‘That Girl Is You’
‘Here On Out’
‘You and Me’

Thanks JenniJo!

Now to see Dave and the band in The Gorge. Bucketlist.

Canterbury Anifest: A Step Back in Time

Arriving in the quaint, olde-town of Canterbury, one can only be struck by the passage of time. The centuries-old architecture, nomenclature, layout, and general mannerisms of its towns folk stir up every historical sinew in ones self.

It’s impossible to capture the ‘wow’ of the Cathedral in a photo

From its cobbled streets to its forthtress facades, and from its obscure-angled buildings to its Cathedral gem, the town of Canterbury is the perfect getaway for those with historical inclinations.

Not sure my builder fits this door…

Indeed, I couldn’t help but let the mind wonder to a time when Sandor Clegane would have frequented the many alehouses of the hamlet.

The Hound’s local alehouse perhaps?

Buoyed by our welcome, Peter Morris and I (sticking with the olde-English vernacular), presented on our experiences, and those of our colleagues, on teaching animation through the blended learning mode at Canterbury Anifest.

Yours truly

Our research was well received and stimulated much discussion on the differences between teachers and management on the provision for blended learning. Much work remains in this area.

Peter, the storyteller

In the course of the symposium, we were treated to some animations. Marfa (2018) by the McLeod Brothers really struck a chord with me.